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Have you ever dreamed about working at one of the most innovative and leading companies in the world? Does the idea of contributing to the cutting-edge medical technologies that can change millions of lives sounds appealing to you? Then you should hear about us – Teltonika Telemedic team.

A place where you can improve yourself

Being a part of the Teltonika IoT group, we strive to become global leaders in creating and providing unique IoT solutions that make people’s lives easier. We are proud to be able to develop essential solutions in Telemedicine and help the people. With the help of a talented and experienced team, it took us only a few months to create artificial lung ventilator. Soon we are going to shake the world by releasing a smartwatch that detects atrial fibrillation.

Your day

What do you think about CONTINUOUSLY developing a product that will be used in WORLD CLASS companies? If developing at least five high-class products per year combined with lucrative career opportunities sound like a solid source of motivation for you, we shall talk it over! We are expanding our team and looking for Mechanical Engineer (Junior) to join us.

The main areas of responsibility The main areas of responsibility

Here you will:

  • Estimating project time and resources
  • Ensuring meeting all technical requirements as well as outer and inner standards for designed component(s)
  • Preparing technical documentation, schematics and requirements for third parties
  • Designing plastic/metal component prototypes
  • Designing plastic components for mass production
  • Design and assembly of contact stands and production equipment

The experience, skills and personal qualities you will need The experience, skills and personal qualities you will need

  • At least two years of undergraduate studies in higher education of technology
  • Good command of Solidworks software
  • Ability to determine suitable materials for components, good understanding of key parameters of plastic (as well as metal) materials and their impact on component characteristics
  • Good knowledge of engineering tolerances
  • Schematics designing skills
  • Diligence, attention to detail
  • Ability to read, understand and write in technical English

What we offer What we offer

  • Projects and solutions that create value for the client
  • The opportunity to develop professionally in IoT
  • Assistance and training from this area specialists
  • Be a part of a workplace culture which actually values high standarts
  • Career opportunities

Salary Salary

Fixed (tariff) salary ranges from 7 Eur/h up to 11 Eur/h (~1167 Eur - 1834 Eur) pre-tax, depending on your experience and expertise with the option to get bonuses. *

*In an employment agreement we specify and define fixed (tariff) hourly salary rate before taxes.

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