On May 5, Teltonika IoT Group and Vilnius University (VU) signed a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, VU and all the companies of the Teltonika group will seek to ensure cooperation between business and science and improve the quality of Vilnius University studies in Teltonika’s areas of activity. We will collaborate with several VU faculties to provide special scholarships to first-year students. We are also planning to establish a modern research laboratory in the Faculty of Physics, contributing to higher-quality research. As a high-tech company, we will foster the development of such areas as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, embedded systems, mobile ecosystems, telematics, networking equipment, telemedicine, and other areas of telecommunications and electronics.

Establishment of a modern laboratory

To contribute to highly qualified specialists’ training and improve the quality of studies, we plan to establish a joint research laboratory in the university. It will provide excellent opportunities for Vilnius University students and researchers to implement their engineering ideas using our modern infrastructure and long-term experience. By combining our capabilities with the expertise of the university’s researchers and the enthusiasm of students, we hope to achieve spectacular results.

Cooperation with the Vilnius University community will also help us to continue developing successful innovative devices, improve technologies, and apply VU’s original research and equipment to solve various practical problems.


Scholarships for first-year students

The most motivated and best-performing students of major Lithuanian higher education institutions will be granted special Teltonika scholarships. This opportunity will be available to first-year students of Vilnius University as well. Graduates applying to VU's Faculties of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics, Kaunas Faculty, and Šiauliai Academy will be eligible for a scholarship worth €3000, which will be paid at €300 per month. We hope that graduates from various Lithuanian regions, who usually do not have enough funds to come and study in big cities, will be particularly interested in such an opportunity. We will announce the scholarship procedure shortly.

For many years, Teltonika has had a clear vision – to provide the best conditions for creative, knowledge-seeking talents to learn and to help them on their path to becoming high-tech specialists. We are delighted that Teltonika's cooperation with Vilnius University will help to create even better conditions for scientists to make discoveries. We believe that the research we will conduct together with Vilnius University will contribute to the promotion of Lithuania as a high-tech country around the world. To help engineering and technology freshmen get on the path of discovery as quickly as possible, we will be awarding 24 scholarships to Vilnius University students already this year. We see great value in collaborating with Vilnius University to promote cooperation between science and business and spark young people’s interest in technologies of the future. We all strive to create a better and more attractive environment for studies and invest in the best future specialists, says Julius Švagždys, Chief Corporate Marketing Manager of UAB TELTONIKA IoT GROUP. He also adds that, as the largest higher education institution in the country, VU is a very suitable partner in projects promoting cooperation between business and science. So, the scholarship programme is not only one of the aspects of cooperation with VU but also a motivation for students to pursue their further goals in science.

The partnership between Teltonika and Vilnius University will help to improve the quality of study programmes, ensure better student internships, share the best practices and train highly qualified specialists. We hope that this cooperation will allow us to better meet the market demand for technology professionals.

As VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas states, Evaluation does not mean only ranking. Sometimes the real evaluation is the attention of a successful business and its willingness to cooperate, help promising students, and invest in research. We are excited about the cooperation with the Teltonika group of companies and particularly happy that the scholarships will be available not only to talented students studying in Vilnius but also to those in Kaunas and Šiauliai and that the laboratory at the Faculty of Physics will contribute to the improvement of the research quality. This is another step forward for Vilnius University and proof of its openness to cooperation.