Quality standards and certification specialist

Have you ever dreamed about working at one of the most innovative and leading companies in the world? Does the idea of contributing to the cutting-edge medical technologies that can change millions of lives sounds appealing to you? Then you should hear about us – Teltonika Telemedic team.

A place where you can improve yourself

Being a part of the Teltonika IoT group, we strive to become global leaders in creating and providing unique IoT solutions that make people’s lives easier. We are proud to be able to develop essential solutions in Telemedicine and help the people. With the help of a talented and experienced team, we create, develop and build our products that must be of impeccable quality and complying with the standards. Currently, we have an open position for Quality standards and certification specialist who would contribute to the realization of value created by Teltonika Telemedic.


  • Supervision of quality management standards applied to the company, reviewing and updating the documentation.
  • Participation in preparation for internal and external audits;
  • Taking responsibility for the certification processes of our products (smart autonomous systems and medical devices) and products‘ compliance with standards;
  • Cooperation with accredited laboratories, scientific laboratories, certification companies, supervisory institutions;
  • Assistance and consultancy for product designers, selection of applicable law, standards and requirements laid down for product.


  • Application of control for quality management systems, excellent knowledge of ISO 9001;
  • Experience in conducting and taking part in audits, technical understanding of documentation;
  • Knowledge about the procedural course of products certification, responsible institutions, necessary documentation;
  • Higher and university-level degree in law, medicine, pharmacy or engineering;
  • Excellent command of English.

We will consider as an advantage:

  • Knowledge and application of other standards (i.e. ISO 13485);
  • Experience related to the regulation or application of quality management systems in medical fields.


  • Opportunity to join the leading IoT sector company in Lithuania and the world;
  • Opportunity to contribute to the creation of solutions that provide value for society;
  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment, addressing world-class innovation challenges
  • High opportunities for self-expression to implement ideas that optimize daily work, a modern approach to work;


According to SODRA records, in 2019, the average salary of “TELTONIKA IoT GROUP” has been the highest in the whole of Lithuania! The rating has been carried out in all of the companies that have more than 500 people employed.

Fixed (tariff) salary ranges from 14 Eur/h up to 25 Eur/h (~2200 Eur – 4000 Eur) pre-tax, depending on your experience and expertise with the option to get bonuses.

*In an employment agreement we specify and define fixed (tariff) hourly salary rate before taxes.

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