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Published on 2020 11 24


We are excited to announce that Teltonika is rapidly expanding with new offices established in Russia, Morocco, and Australia. We have been successfully growing for more than 22 years, improving our products and services, and working towards our mission to become a leader in the development of unique IoT solutions. Nowadays we have 26 offices located in 18 countries, and more are coming soon. It would not be possible without the continuous support of our clients. Our 2021 slogan is “Teltonika: Closer to clients than ever”.

Office in Moscow, Russia

The new office in Moscow enables us to be closer to our Russian clients and partners. We will be able to provide our help and consultations regarding any questions in the Russian language. It will help us carry out our projects in the fastest and the most efficient way. Besides, we will be glad to arrange business meetings with our clients so they could see our devices in real life and receive their orders faster from our warehouse in Moscow.

Office in Casablanca, Morocco

With our new office in Morocco, it will be easier for us to reach our customers in African countries. Our team in Morocco will provide customer and tech support in French, Arabic and other languages. We will also have a local stock which will make it faster and easier for us to fulfil customers’ orders. It will also facilitate our after‑sales service and make us more flexible.

Office in Sydney, Australia.

Our Australian office will include a local stock as well which will ensure that our devices reach customers right on time. The main benefit of our presence in Australia is the possibility of live interaction with Australian clients. So, no more time differences which hindered our business dealings. Our technical support will always be there for you.

We are certainly not going to stop our global expansion at this point. More offices are coming soon. So, stay in touch with us and receive the most recent updates about Teltonika.

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