February 26, 2021

In the coming two years, a new Teltonika Technology Centre will emerge in Molėtai, Lithuania. Teltonika intends to establish a 10 800 m2 building with offices, laboratories, and testing and production lines for the development and assembly of telemedicine and network devices. The main goals of this project are to provide the Molėtai region with attractive well-paid jobs that create high added value and stimulate people’s interest in the latest technologies and engineering careers.



The new Teltonika branch in Molėtai will offer 36 different job positions. Around 500 professionals, including engineering technicians, electronics designers, programmers, testers, device assemblers, leaders, managers, administration workers, and others, will be working in the new Teltonika Technology Centre. Every new employee will be assisted and provided with professional training. The company offers perfect opportunities to grow and unlock your potential in a dynamic work environment, learn about the latest Internet of Things technologies, and receive regular high wages. “As this manufacturing facility will be located further from the capital Vilnius, we hope for close cooperation with the municipality of Molėtai, which supports the initiative to create more jobs of high added value,” says the CEO of Teltonika EMS, Simas Rutkauskas.

The President of Teltonika IoT Group Arvydas Paukštys, who comes from Molėtai, notes, “This project is based on social motives rather than commercial ones. Large businesses establish their activities in places where the supply of human resources already exists. However, our aim is to come to such places where it is difficult to find enough specialists with needed skills. We intend to organize trainings for all employees, and additionally attract specialists not only from Molėtai but also from surrounding towns. Our hope is that the beautiful nature and lakes of Molėtai as well as the short distance from the technology centre to the city will encourage young people to settle there. We aim to ensure an appealing, comfortable, well-paid workplace, which will offer no less than the average wage in Vilnius. Today the average wage of more than a thousand Teltonika employees exceeds 3000€, and it continues to grow. We seek to pay such high wages in Molėtai as well, but it will take time to find candidates and grow a team that will follow our culture of mutual trust and respect and our main value – to help people.”

The total investment in the technology centre project, including the construction works and equipment, is up to 32 million euros. These funds will help to establish specialized laboratories for testing and manufacturing, automated assembly lines, and administrative offices. The Teltonika Technology Centre will also incorporate premises for logistics, i.e., for storage and supply.

Rest and leisure areas will help the employees to feel well and more comfortable at work. The technology centre in Molėtai will also have a training facility and hold various recreational and educational activities for young people. One of the key aims is to introduce the newest technologies and engineering innovations to students and the youth.



For over 23 years, the Teltonika company group has been developing and manufacturing globally recognised high-tech devices for various business spheres. Today it is one of the largest company groups developing the highest technologies in Lithuania. With more than 1400 employees, the offices are located in 18 countries. Professional engineers, programmers, and specialists of various spheres contribute to the design, development, and introduction of smart telemetry, network, telemedicine, and personal tracking solutions. The production capacity has already exceeded 13 million devices connected to the internet.

The most innovative telemedicine devices, such as artificial lung ventilators and smart bracelets with atrial fibrillation detection, will be designed and developed in the new technology centre. These devices will help people all over the world and save as many lives as possible. The Teltonika Technology Centre will also work on hi-tech network equipment. For many years, Teltonika’s secure and reliable network solutions have been helping businesses in different industries, from energy and smart city to transportation and retail.



Surrounded by green forests, The Teltonika Technology Centre will merge with the magnificent landscape of Molėtai, uniting nature with modern architecture. The shining sun will produce energy for the building by means of solar panels covering the whole roof.

As in the current production facility in Vilnius, all the processes in the new technology centre will be based on the ISO 14001 environmental management standards. For years Teltonika has been contributing to environmental sustainability and implementing various solutions minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Only environmentally-friendly materials will be used. All the component suppliers are always thoroughly selected, ensuring none of the products has any negative impact on the environment. All electronic waste will be safely transported to a recycling point; therefore, local residents won’t have to deal with any undesirable side-effect of technology centre’s activities.

The Teltonika company group makes every effort to create a better world for future generations.



“First of all, I am delighted at the decision of such a well-known company to choose Molėtai for its further expansion,” says Saulius Jauneika, the mayor of Molėtai. “I am personally grateful to Arvydas Paukštys, the founder and CEO of the Teltonika company group, for a very constructive cooperation. It will create important job opportunities for the region, where small, family business is prevalent. I am certain that this large-scale investment will also kick-start the growth and blooming of the region, increase its capabilities, enhance its socio-economic potential, and reshape the labour market and labour supply.”

How will this project influence the further development of Molėtai? The Mayor says in response, “This project is like a breath of fresh air. It will undoubtedly stimulate other initiatives and encourage different businesses to locate in the region. New jobs of high added value will motivate high-tech engineers, technicians, and other specialists to settle in Molėtai, as the technology centre will be situated near the city. Moreover, the emergence of this new centre will be beneficial for young citizens of Molėtai. It will spark the interest of our students in the newest technologies and motivate them to choose engineering professions. It will also act as an incentive to return migration and arrival of new citizens in Molėtai.”

Mayor Saulius Jauneika emphasises that the investment in this project is based on the efforts of both sides. “We are ready to work collaboratively with TELTONIKA EMS on providing employee education and preparing them for their job in the technology centre. Furthermore, we intend to help TELTONIKA EMS overcome any bureaucratic barriers that may hinder the company’s activities.”

„It is without a doubt that the municipality must also think how to ensure comfortable, safe living conditions, evaluate the potential expansion of pre-school establishments, improve the quality of education, and create more recreational and leisure zones.” The Mayor of Molėtai asserts that “the infrastructure in Molėtai is convenient and continuously improving to guarantee good living and working conditions.”


At the end of 2020, the Teltonika company group announced another ambitious project, the establishment of Teltonika High-Tech Hill technology park in Vilnius. In five years, the company group intends to build a modern building complex with the best working conditions and offer more than 2000 new job opportunities creating a high added value. The Teltonika Technology Centre in Molėtai will be a part of the High-Tech Hill project. The total investment exceeds 220 million euros. We are planning to move a part of the High-Tech Hill project from Vilnius to Molėtai. Therefore, we will solve the issue regarding the lack of land in Liepkalnis, Vilnius, and contribute to the growth of Molėtai region. If everything goes smoothly, we will celebrate the opening of the technology centre in Molėtai in September 2022.

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