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June 19, 2024

Following its mission to be closer to customers, Teltonika is undertaking the largest international office expansion in its history. At the beginning of this year, we had a presence in 21 countries, and by 2025 we plan to expand our geographic footprint to around 30 countries. One of the first announcements is the opening of a new office in Milan, Italy. 


Until now, Teltonika has had European offices only in Lithuania and Ukraine. However, this list will be significantly expanded later this year. We will soon announce our new offices in Western European countries, and for now, we invite you to look at our plans for Italy. 

Stefano Nordio has been appointed head of Teltonika's Milan office. The experienced technology executive has already visited our manufacturing facilities in Lithuania and attended various training courses in the organisation to integrate more smoothly and got to know Teltonika's culture. More about his experience, the new chapter of his career, and the plans for the new office in our interview with Mr. Stefano Nordio.


You are an executive with extensive experience in the technology business. Could you briefly introduce yourself? What did you do before joining Teltonika?

I spent the last 26 years at D-Link, a Taiwan-based multinational company specialising in networking and connectivity products. Starting as the Italian country manager, I eventually became the European VP and managing director of four group capital operations from the London-based HQ.

Teltonika is an international company group from Lithuania. Have you had any connections with the country before? Were you familiar with Teltonika?

I never had direct connections with Lithuania. However, my career started at the same time that Teltonika was established. So, being in this business for so many years, I indirectly witnessed Teltonika’s growth from local markets, dashboards, and competitor analysis to becoming an undisputed market leader.

What were the reasons that led you to accept an offer to join Teltonika?

Teltonika is a versatile company working in many different areas. Sometimes it may seem that the company's activities contradict what is written in the business literature. But as we can see, this is a consistently growing business with big ambitions for the future.

What impresses me the most is Teltonika’s comprehensive range of core business technologies, from telematics ADAS equipment to network solutions, telemedicine, electric vehicle charging solutions, and EMS offerings. The incredible potential to become a true leader in the IoT market was a key factor in joining the company.


What do you expect from this new stage of your career?

Here at Teltonika, I aim to capitalise on my nearly two decades of experience and learn from the rock-solid skills I’ve encountered at the headquarters.

What are the most important tasks you are currently facing? What are the goals for the Milan office in the first year?

Setting a solid foundation for Teltonika in Italy and the Milan-based office is my priority. We’re ready to onboard talented individuals shaping the company’s future. Our initial team is estimated to have 20 specialists, most of them are sales managers.

How do you see the opportunities for Teltonika in Italy? Which of our products has the greatest potential in this market?

In the agile and fluid Italian market, all Teltonika IoT solutions hold great potential. Becoming an incumbent vendor and manufacturer is within reach. I believe we will achieve this with the help of everyone in our team. I invite anyone who wants to realise their talent in the IoT business to join - all vacancies at Teltonika Milano office are listed on our careers page.

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