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June 10, 2024

Teltonika has received a building permit for the project of a plastic and mechanical components manufacturing facility with a warehouse. The factory will be built in the Teltonika High-Tech Hill technology park in Vilnius and will be one of the largest of its kind in Lithuania. 


The new facility will be located at Svylos st. 6 in the Liepkalnis area. Two more factories of the Lithuanian high-tech company group Teltonika are being rapidly built on nearby sites. Next year, one of them will be producing printed circuit boards, and the other – electronic devices.


"The new plant will enable us to automate the production of plastic and mechanical components, which are an important part of the entire supply chain. We will be able to design and produce moulds ourselves. This will help to ensure even better product quality and reduce the launch time of new products by half. We also intend to enter new areas of business, as we will be able to combine and mould components from different materials such as rubber, plastic, metal, etc.," says Arvydas Paukštys, president of the Teltonika company group.

He states that when the semiconductor chip plants in the Teltonika High-Tech Hill park become operational in a few years, the factories that are currently under construction will be an important part of the overall production process. They will enable us to implement complex orders, including from the defence industry.

The plastics and mechanical components plant will create 300 jobs. The 3-storey plant will have a total floor area of 27,100 square metres, including a warehouse. The designers, 2L Architects, have paid great attention to the aesthetic appearance of the building and the surrounding greenery. The main entrance to the factory will be accentuated by a large spruce tree. To preserve it, the architects ‘cut out’ a corner of the building.


"We started preparing for this project when we installed the plastic injection moulding equipment for pilot production at the Teltonika EMS plant in Liepkalnis in autumn 2022. Once we started moulding plastic parts, we tested the quality of the products and delivery times. We now see that increasingly more European companies want to move their production to Europe for safety and faster processes, making it a much-needed part of the vertical supply chain. Growing market demand and plans to increase the product offering of the Teltonika group of companies led to the decision to build a new plant for plastics and mechanical components," says Arnas Strioga, head of Plastic Injection Moulding Division at Teltonika EMS.

Teltonika’s plastics manufacturing plant will be one of the largest of its kind in Lithuania. It will be used for the moulding of plastic parts as well as design and production of prototype and mass-produced plastic moulds intended not only for the Teltonika company group but also for other electronics manufacturing companies.

Recruitment for the new plant is expected to start in about a year. The jobs will include mechanical engineers, process engineers, design engineers, automation specialists, equipment adjusters, operators, and metalworking technicians. The factory will have 265 parking spaces for employees.


As in all Teltonika plants, a high level of automation will be ensured, meeting all the necessary environmental requirements. Most of the plastic waste will be recycled and returned to the production process. The electricity needed for the plant will be supplied from renewable energy sources.

Construction is expected to take about 15 months until autumn 2025. Teltonika will invest around €53 million in this project.

More than 10 new industrial and administrative buildings will emerge on the 50-hectare Teltonika High-Tech Hill technology park territory in Liepkalnis over five years, expecting to employ around 6,000 people. Last year, we started building two new plants: a 33,000 m2 printed circuit board (PCB) factory and a new electronics assembly plant with a production capacity of more than 18 million products yearly. Both plants will be operational by mid-2025. The total investment in the Teltonika High-Tech Hill park will be several billion euros.

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