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December 14, 2022

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK), which unites the largest Lithuanian business enterprises and the country's main manufacturing sectors, handed out the awards of the traditional competition "Lithuanian Product of the Year 2022". This year Teltonika company group won two gold medals – one for the electric car charger TeltoCharge and another one for the EYE sensor. Also, Arvydas Paukštys, the founder and president of Teltonika company group, was awarded the Petras Vileišis nomination for his business achievements and patronage.


Electric car charger developed in less than 1 year 

One of the awards' gold medals went to Teltonika Energy's TeltoCharge electric car charging station. This product was developed by Teltonika's talented and highly skilled engineers in less than one year - the concept was presented at the end of 2021, whereas mass production started in the second half of September this year. 

"When developing the TeltoCharge, the main goal of our team was to contribute to faster development of the world's electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as to a greener and more sustainable future for Lithuania. We wanted to challenge the global leaders in the EV charging industry. We have already entered just over 70 markets by 2022 and we have no intention of stopping, this is just the beginning for us," says Tadas Tumelis, CEO of Teltonika Energy.


The TeltoCharge is designed for private and semi-public use. It can be installed in private homes, courtyards, parking lots, and garages. Also, it can be used for charging a company's electric fleet or employees' electric vehicles. 

It is an easy-to-use, smart and reliable EV charging station. The Lithuanian-made charger offers a wide variety of configuration options, from different front plate colors, socket or cable variants, to various connection types. Depending on individual needs, users can also choose the device with a suitable power rating of 7.4 kW, 11 kW, and up to 22 kW. TeltoCharge is compatible with all all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars. 


Small device - great application possibilities

The gold medal-winning EYE Sensor from Teltonika Telematics not only monitors the status of an object, but also parameters such as temperature, humidity, movement and magnet detection. With its robust housing and long battery life, it is often used for vehicle tracking in applications such as logistics, construction, agriculture, motorsports, car rental business, etc. 

"It is a great honour for us to be recognised in the Lithuanian Product of the Year awards, which is considered by the country's business community to be almost the most important. It is the merit of the entire Teltonika Telematics team - from programmers to salespeople, we are all responsible for the success of our products," says Antanas Šegžda, CEO of Teltonika Telematics. 


Teltonika Telematics is renowned worldwide for its IoT and telematics solutions. The company's exclusive products, combining GPS and Bluetooth technologies, help businesses ranging from car-sharing operators and international logistics companies to insurance and construction companies to track the location and condition of vehicles and valuable cargo, and to ensure their safety.


The Lithuanian Product of the Year is the annual nomination organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for more than 25 years. Its main objective is to increase the competitiveness of high-quality Lithuanian products, to present and promote the country's industrial products, goods and services to local and international consumers. The organisers of the competition encourage consumers to pay attention to high quality Lithuanian products and thus contribute to the promotion of Lithuanian products in the country.

A. Paukštys receives an award for business leadership 

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists awarded one of its most important and distinguished awards - the Petras Vileišis nomination - to A. Paukštys, the founder and president of the Teltonika company group. 

During the ceremony, A. Paukštys was awarded the gold medal of P. Vileišis and a sculptural portrait of P. Vileišis. He was awarded this honourable distinction for his personal merits in business, for business development, improvement of the business environment and business culture, patronage support, and active participation in public activities. 

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists established the P. Vileišis nomination in 2003. The annual award for various merits is given to Lithuanian and foreign citizens to honour P. Vileišis, to emphasise and remind the society of his important merits, and to invite the Lithuanian people to cherish the memory of this outstanding Lithuanian. Previous winners of this nomination have included such eminent personalities as Valdas Adamkus, prof. Vytautas Landsbergis and others. 

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