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August 9, 2023

The Teltonika company group embarks on a new phase of development by launching the construction of a state-of-the-art PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing plant in the future technology park in Liepkalnis, Vilnius. The factory is one the ten projects to be established in this technology park.


Factory project details

Covering an area of more than 33,000 m2, the PCB factory will house manufacturing facilities and administrative premises. The budget for this project is estimated to be €143 million, most of which will be invested in purchasing special manufacturing equipment. The contracts with equipment suppliers from Germany, Italy, and Japan are now under negotiation.

Teltonika’s PCB factory is expected to become one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe. It will ensure the highest level of automation and meet the strictest environmental standards. We intend to employ around 250 highly qualified specialists at the site.

With an anticipated construction time of around 15 months, we aim to complete the project in December 2024.

The significance of the PCB plant

A printed circuit board is the base of modern electronic devices on which various components, including semiconductor chips, are placed. Nowadays, this element is hardly replaceable in the manufacturing of more complex electronics.

Due to the low geographical concentration of PCB plants in the region and the steadily growing demand for electronic devices, the investment in the construction of the plant is crucial for the company group's further development. It will also enable us to reduce lead times, minimise supply chain risks, and become independent from third-party political decisions.


Technology park in Liepkalnis, Vilnius

The Teltonika High-Tech Hill project encompasses ten new production and administrative premises located on a 450,000 m2 territory. It will include the following objects:

  • Electronics assembly plant;
  • Printed circuit board factory;
  • Administrative offices;
  • Data centre;
  • Plastic parts manufacturing facility;
  • Semiconductor chip assembly, testing, and manufacturing facilities;
  • Commercial building;
  • Parking.

We have already obtained construction permits not only for the PCB plant but also for a 64,200 m² administrative office building, the construction of which will start in March 2024 and take approximately 36 months. And by the end of August this year, we intend to obtain a building permit for a 22,700 m² electronics assembly plant. The construction of this plant is expected to take about 18 months.

The work on the 20,600 m² plastic and mechanical components manufacturing facility is projected to start in July 2024 and will take about 15 months to complete. Other facilities are currently undergoing architectural and design work and coordination with Vilnius City Council.

If all the processes of territorial planning and construction permits are carried out in accordance with the statutory deadlines, and the planned 110 kV line and the 100 MW electrical switching station will be built by the end of 2024, the construction of the Teltonika High-Tech Hill technology park can be completed by 2028. Additional equipment will be installed by 2033 at an investment of €1.6 billion. The total investment in the project will amount to around €3.7 billion.

The Teltonika company group is currently looking for contractors and partners to cooperate with in the development of all technology park projects.

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