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May 3, 2022

On May 2, we held a wreath topping-out ceremony in Molėtai to celebrate the approaching completion of the Teltonika Technology Centre. 


On May 2, we held a wreath topping-out ceremony in Molėtai to celebrate the approaching completion of the Teltonika Technology Centre. Our representatives, project contractors, building designers, and construction workers took part in the event. 

The technology centre in Molėtai is yet another home for Teltonika, located away from the headquarters in Vilnius. The opening of this building is planned for September. 

Creating jobs for the people of the Molėtai region

This project will help us create decent, high value-added jobs for residents of Molėtai and the surrounding areas so they can earn salaries equivalent to those in Vilnius. We also aim to stimulate young people’s interest in the latest technologies and engineering careers.

The technology centre has already employed 75 employees from Molėtai, Utena, Vilnius, Ukmergė, and Švenčionėliai. They are currently undergoing training in Vilnius and learning about Teltonika’s organisational culture. Until the centre’s opening in September, we will hire about 100 more people. In total, the Teltonika Technology Centre will create 500 jobs.

“I believe that 500 new jobs will be a strong incentive for Molėtai to renew itself and for young people to build their lives here. We hope for more businesses to emerge, and it is our wish to help the district grow its population,” says A. Paukštys.

Developing the highest technologies

The 10 800 m2 Teltonika Technology Centre will have not only administrative and product development offices but also laboratories and testing and production lines. The total investment amounts to 34 million euros.

The most innovative telemedicine devices, such as artificial lung ventilators and smart bracelets with atrial fibrillation detection, will be designed and developed in the new technology centre. Our specialists there will also work on hi-tech networking equipment, helping businesses in different industries, from energy and smart city to transportation and retail. We have additional plans to produce EV charging stations there as well.

We invite specialists of different fields

We are looking for employees specialising in different fields for our technology centre in Molėtai. Most employees are needed in the production premises: electronics repair engineers, maintenance engineers, quality assurance engineers, technical control engineers, and warehouse and internal logistics coordinators. 

Skilled process engineers, visual inspection operators, IT administrators, and quality assurance specialists are also needed.

We are also looking for people to fill management positions such as Shift Supervisor, Repair Supervisor, and Quality Control Manager.

We are waiting for candidates’ applications!


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