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Published on 2020 12 01


Last week we have completed the final step of reorganization process of Teltonika and are happy to announce that it was successful! We have solved all the problems and dealt with all the challenges. Neither the pandemic nor the two lockdowns did interrupt our work. In this article we share the latest and the most interesting information about the changes in our company structure as well as our achieved goals.


The primary goals of reorganization were to accelerate the future growth of Teltonika and to enable every business niche to function more effectively. As Teltonika mainly operates in four industries, we have established four separate companies. This way these companies will be able to work more efficiently and achieve the best results.

  • Teltonika Telematics, run by Antanas Šegžda, develops vehicle tracking devices and performs in the telematics industry.
  • Teltonika Networks, run by Giedrius Kukauskas, is a company developing professional network connectivity equipment for IoT and M2M communication.
  • Teltonika EMS, run by Simas Rutkauskas, controls the production lines and operates as a manufacturer of electronic and IoT devices.
  • Teltonika Telemedic, run by Martynas Osauskas, develops telemedicine devices such as artificial lung ventilators as well as works on various Mobility for asset monitoring and ensuring security.

During the last step of reorganization, the name of UAB Teltonika, the company that has been operating for more than 22 years, was changed to UAB Teltonika IoT Group. This company manages all four newly established companies in Lithuania and other offices located all over the world. The CEO of Teltonika IoT Group is Arvydas Paukštys, the founder of Teltonika.


The period of reorganization stimulated the growth of the whole Teltonika company group. Since July we have managed to create 185 new jobs. We already have 1000 employees in Lithuania! It means that we have achieved a 30 percent company growth this year. In the next four years, we will pursue an ambitious goal of reaching 3000 employees just in Lithuania.

What is more, in approximately four years, all our current employees as well as 2000 new ones will be welcomed in our new home, the Teltonika High Tech Hill building complex. We have already signed an agreement with the architects and began the project planning to receive a bulding permit. After successfully implementing this project, we will continue our development and expansion which will ensure the best working conditions for our employees.

Next year we seek not only to maintain the 30 percent growth but also to increase our productivity and manufacture up to 1 million IoT devices per month. This year we have already reached an amazing milestone of 13 million developed and deployed devices.

We are proud of our achievements and outstanding results. We thank every employee for being responsible, trusting Teltonika during the reorganization period, and helping the company to find new team members. We have proved to everyone and ourselves that we can successfully work all together as a team and maintain the culture of mutual trust and respect.

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