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November 26, 2021

The LINPRA manufacturing leaders’ experience exchange forum took place on November 26. This year, the forum was hosted by the Teltonika company group.


The LINPRA manufacturing leaders’ experience exchange forum took place on November 26. This year, the forum was hosted by the Teltonika company group.

We presented our investment and production plans and challenges, gave the forum participants a tour of Teltonika EMS production facilities, demonstrated our equipment and processes, and shared our expertise. One of the most important parts of the forum was the discussion of the issues related to the execution of production under COVID-19 conditions.


The biggest challenge: the supply chain

At the forum, all member companies reviewed their annual results, prospects, and trends and happily acknowledged the increased orders for the following year. However, almost all of them highlighted one of the more significant challenges – securing the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants also shared their best practices on preventing supply disruptions from hindering business growth and introduced the COVID-19 preventive measures they use. According to Teltonika representatives, component orders are currently placed several years in advance to ensure uninterrupted production and timely delivery of devices to customers. 

Povilas Mikalainis, Head of Manufacturing innovations department of Teltonika EMS, and Erika Jonutė, Head of Manufacturing operations department, also talked about production robotization and management processes. As P. Mikalainis said, robotizing the production does not lead to reducing the number of employees. On the contrary, the introduction of more robots requires more skilled specialists, which is why Teltonika’s production is expanding, and the number of employees and their salaries are constantly increasing.


What is LINPRA Manufacturing Leaders’ Forum? 

The goals of the experience exchange forums for managers, organised by LINPRA, is to share experiences, work with professionals from different fields, and perform practical tasks. The participants of the forum address different topics of interest, propose solutions to various problems and share their knowledge. The meetings also bring together guest experts or speakers to provide insights and the latest trends on the topic.

What is LINPRA?

LINPRA is an independent business organisation, representing the interests of the Lithuanian engineering and technology industry. Currently, the association unites more than 120 members - leading companies operating in the Lithuanian engineering and technology industry ecosystem. LINPRA encourages the sector to keep pace with the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), accelerate national progress, and create added value. The association’s mission is to ensure that companies operate more efficiently and sell more.

More about the organisation: LINPRA

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