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October 18, 2022

We were delighted to invite our customers to the second Teltonika Summit in Africa this year. Teltonika’s event in Nairobi on October 13 attracted clients not only from Kenya, the East African economic giant, but also from neighboring countries.


During the summit, all participating Teltonika companies showcased their latest products and explained their application scenarios in different business sectors. Representatives from Teltonika Networks, Teltonika Telematics and Teltonika Energy also held workshops to demonstrate such innovative products as 5G routers, EV chargers and GPS trackers and to answer all technical questions from the guests.

"The main goal of Teltonika Summit is to help our partners effectively use our solutions in their business. However, at these events, we don't concentrate solely on our current products. Many of our presentations focus on the future: we share insights, market trends, and roadmaps of Teltonika's product innovations. On behalf of the whole team, I thank our partners for their interest and active participation in the event," said Jonas Brazionis, Vice President for Africa.

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