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June 21, 2022

Representatives of the Molėtai District Municipality visited the construction site of the Teltonika Technology Centre. On Monday, June 20, Arvydas Paukštys, the founder and president of the Teltonika company group, and Paulius Rutkauskas, head of the Teltonika Technology Centre, had a meeting with the Mayor of Molėtai Municipality, Saulius Jauneika, his advisors and other representatives of the local government.


The technology centre is currently undergoing facade finishing works, and the interior is being furnished. Teltonika’s division in Molėtai will open this autumn and will house administrative and R&D offices, laboratories and production lines. Specialists at the technology centre will be manufacturing hi-tech network equipment, helping businesses in different industries, from energy and smart city to transportation and retail. The Teltonika Technology Centre will also work on the most innovative telemedicine devices and other products.


“The factory in Molėtai will be better than the one we have in Vilnius. Thus, jobs will be better, and salaries will be as high as in the capital. We hope that our offered working conditions will encourage local people to stay in their hometown and attract families from other cities. In addition, we will create a space in the new technology centre for schoolchildren in Molėtai to stimulate their interest in engineering,” said A. Paukštys. 


The second part of the meeting took place at the Molėtai gymnasium, where representatives of Teltonika and the municipality participated in a discussion. The discussion focused on the impetus that Teltonika Technology Centre will add to Molėtai and the changes that need to be made in education as well as cultural and social life.

During the discussion, representatives of the Molėtai District Municipality said that they had already received calls and enquiries from residents of other towns who were interested in settling in the district and working in Teltonika. The most urgent questions were about vacant places in kindergartens and schools. According to the municipality, there are no problems in this respect, as all the educational institutions operating in the region are ready to receive the offspring of future residents. 


We will create 500 jobs

This project will help us create decent, high value-added jobs for residents of Molėtai and the surrounding areas so they can earn salaries equivalent to those in Vilnius. We also aim to stimulate young people’s interest in the latest technologies and engineering careers.

The technology centre has already employed more than 80 employees from Molėtai, Utena, Vilnius, Ukmergė, and Švenčionėliai. They are currently undergoing training in Vilnius and learning about Teltonika’s organisational culture. By the end of 2022, we will hire a total of about 150 specialists at the centre. In total, the Teltonika Technology Centre will create 500 jobs in 3 years. 

The building area of the Teltonika Technology Centre will reach 10,800 m2. The total investment amounts to 34 million euros. 

The most innovative telemedicine devices, such as artificial lung ventilators and smart bracelets with atrial fibrillation detection, will be designed and developed in the new technology centre. Our specialists there will also work on hi-tech networking equipment, helping businesses in different industries, from energy and smart city to transportation and retail. We have additional plans to produce EV charging stations there as well.


We invite specialists of different fields

We are looking for employees specialising in different fields for our technology centre in Molėtai. Most employees are needed in the production premises: electronics repair engineers, maintenance engineers, quality assurance engineers, technical control engineers, and warehouse and internal logistics coordinators. 

Skilled process engineers, visual inspection operators, IT administrators, and quality assurance specialists are also needed.

We are also looking for people to fill management positions such as Shift Supervisor, Repair Supervisor, and Quality Control Manager.

We are waiting for candidates’ applications!


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