September 1, 2022

On August 31, almost 40 guests from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including several dozen Lithuanian ambassadors from various foreign countries, visited Teltonika. The meeting took place at the Teltonika EMS manufacturing facility, where guests learned about the activities of the company group and discussed today’s topical issues.


Meeting honoured guests under the Teltonika roof 

One of the strategic goals of the Teltonika company group is to be closer to clients. Today, our offices operate in 20 countries around the world. As a step towards our goals and further expansion, we have invited Lithuanian ambassadors and consuls and representatives of state organisations from various countries to the Teltonika production plant in Vilnius.


We welcomed guests from Lithuanian representative offices in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Ukraine, Spain, Georgia, China, South Africa, the United States of America, Turkey, Egypt, Australia, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Greece, Singapore, Moldova and other countries.

The Lithuanian ambassador to the EU, the ambassador of Lithuania to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva and the ambassador of Lithuania to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development also attended the meeting.

“It was a pleasure to welcome so many guests interested in Teltonika’s activities and plans, who are willing to help us expand and be even closer to our customers. We showed the guests how we manufacture IoT products that are sold all over the world, presented our growth and expansion plans and together discussed current issues.

As I was saying goodbye, I wished the guests to visit us in a few years when the entire Teltonika technology centre will be built in Liepkalnis. We are about to implement large projects, so we will have even more to show!” said Arvydas Paukštys, the founder and president of the Teltonika company group.


Presenting the company group’s growth plans

As the first part of the meeting, we invited the diplomats to a tour of the Teltonika EMS factory. The guests got to see how innovative IoT solutions are being developed in a Lithuanian manufacturing facility. We demonstrated the whole production process of Teltonika devices, from the assembly of printed circuit boards and mounting of components to the testing and packaging of final products.


After the factory tour, we had the opportunity to present Teltonika’s ambitious future plans and investments of 3.7 billion euro. As a reminder, the Teltonika company group has planned to implement 14 investment projects over the next ten years, including the establishment of an office complex, electronics production plants, a plastic and mechanics production plant, a PCB factory, a technology school and kindergarten, and a semiconductor chip industry in Lithuania.

Ambassadors shared industry insights

During the meeting, the ambassadors talked about the current economic diplomacy issues and shared insights into the international economic situation. They also took an active interest in Teltonika’s activities, asking which foreign markets have the highest sales, what challenges are faced in daily operations, how the scholarship programme for first-year students is going, and more. 

A. Paukštys answered all the questions, presented Teltonika’s ambitious development plans and showed the guests around the company’s factory, where modern buildings will emerge and new streets will be laid in the coming years.

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