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March 21, 2022

On March 21, Teltonika welcomed a team of semiconductor research experts and scientists from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The meeting with the delegation of more than 30 people took place at Teltonika EMS, one of the Teltonika IoT Group companies.

We gave a tour of the production facilities where Teltonika’s high-tech products are made, showed our surface-mount assembly (SMT) lines and robotic systems, and presented our manufacturing and quality control processes.

After the tour, we presented Teltonika’s activities, growth and expansion, plans to create a semiconductor chip industry in Lithuania and the possible cooperation in this field with experts from Taiwan.

The delegation shared insights on how we can cooperate in terms of technologies. Later, we discussed the strategy for developing employee competences.

During the discussion, the president of the Teltonika company group said, "Teltonika will grow 10 times in the next ten years. To maintain continuous production, a steady supply of chips will also be needed. This is why we will build a semiconductor chip design and development centre, a semiconductor chip assembly centre and a semiconductor fabrication plant in Lithuania within 10 years. Together, these centres will enable us to produce 100 million devices a year."

Teltonika's investment projects

The Teltonika company group is planning to invest 2.85 billion euros in the semiconductor industry.

  1. Semiconductor chip development laboratories, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2024–2026. Project value: €100 million. Number of jobs created: 200.
  2. Semiconductor assembly and testing facility, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2026–2028. Project value: €450 million. Number of jobs created: 500.
  3. Semiconductor fabrication plant, Vilnius, Lithuania. Project duration: 2028–2031. Project value: €2,1 billion. Number of jobs created: 1 500.

We have planned 14 investment projects in total, which will include the establishment of modern production facilities, laboratories, a school and a kindergarten, new offices, and the semiconductor industry. The total investment will amount to 3.7 billion euros, and 8 000 jobs will be created in Lithuania alone.

Together with the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, the company group has already signed two investment projects of national importance in Molėtai and Vilnius. The Teltonika Technology Centre in Molėtai will create 482 new jobs and require a 34 million euros investment. Meanwhile, in Vilnius, the Teltonika High-Tech Hill technology park will emerge with 1286 jobs. This project will require 322 million euros.

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