July 3, 2020

On June 4, „Teltonika Telemedic“ and Kaunas university of technology signed a cooperation agreement where Teltonika is responsible for developing smart medical bracelets dedicated to determine atrial fibrillation. Upcoming medical IoT devices will be based on the Kaunas University of Technology and Vilnius University algorithm that is continuously monitoring atrial fibrillation and notify the user when a heart rhythm disorder is detected.

„We have a lot of talented scientists in Lithuania that we can authorize to operate in the different business segments. I want to rejoice that the academic community can work with business together „said the owner of Teltonika company group Arvydas Paukstys.

Rector Eugenijus Valatka of Kaunas University of Technology also joyful that Lithuanian capital business is interested in current Bioengineering projects. Rector also highlighted that atrial fibrillation research results are very pleased and it is a good example of great scientist teamwork.

Scientists from Kaunas University of Technology and Vilnius university took more than 7 years to optimize and develop atrial fibrillation algorithm. Together with the Kaunas University of Technology, Teltonika Telemedic teams seek to develop exclusive medical bracelets with extraordinary functions and design. A New IoT device will be suitable with multiple sensors that will precisely measure atrial fibrillations and disordered heartbeat.

According to the World Health Organization, atrial fibrillation disorder is one the most common heartbeat upset. More than 1% of the whole planet population had this disorder that can cause serious health problems. Based on the scientist's research our society fast aging could be one of the factors that will increase atrial fibrillation disorder more than 3 times.

Teltonika Telemedic department is planning to release medical bracelets this autumn.

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