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February 3, 2023

The year 2022 was full of outstanding achievements and awards for the Teltonika company group, topped off by being named the best employer in Lithuania. We won the "Employer of the Year 2022" award in the elections organized by CVbankas.lt! Meanwhile, CVonline.lt ranked us among the top 5 Lithuanian companies in the "Top of mind" and "Top employer" award categories.


"We are delighted and grateful for this recognition. These awards are a reflection of the past year: we have significantly expanded not only in foreign countries, where we have established new offices, but also in Lithuania - just a few months ago, we opened the Teltonika Technology Centre in Molėtai, where we have created new jobs. In our offices in Vilnius and Kaunas, we have been increasing our sales teams to work with European customers as well as new product development and support teams. All this helped to strengthen our company's visibility and encouraged potential candidates to take an interest in Teltonika's companies, increasing their willingness to become part of our organization," says Rūta Virvytytė, Head of Talent Acquisition and People Support at Teltonika IoT Group.


In the "Labour Market Leaders 2022" awards organized by CVbankas.lt, Teltonika was awarded the title of "Employer of the Year" for demonstrating the highest growth - the interest in our company grew the most during the past year.

Meanwhile, at the CVonline.lt awards, we were awarded 3rd place in the Top of Mind category and 4th place in the Top Employer category. The Top Employer is chosen from the companies that receive the most attention from job seekers. Top of mind winners are determined by survey data.

Teltonika company group currently has more than 2,000 employees around the world, working in offices in 20 countries. Speaking about the future and plans for 2023, R. Virvytytė says that we will continue to grow and keep looking for motivated colleagues.


"We believe that the decision to build the semiconductor chip industry in Lithuania will have a significant impact on the candidates' decision to work in the Teltonika company group. We will offer development and growth opportunities to our colleagues and develop new products; the organization will grow, creating new positions. And we believe that we will have a lot to offer to those who want to pursue a career and develop themselves in different areas. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation with universities and grow the next generation of engineers. Of course, we will continue to develop the Teltonika brand and pursue our vision of helping people," says R. Virvytytė, Head of Talent Acquisition and People Support at Teltonika IoT Group.

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