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February 28, 2023

A fundraising campaign Radarom! has collected 14 million euros to purchase surveillance radars to monitor Ukraine’s airspace. The largest donation - 1.45 million euros - was made by the Teltonika company group. 


Radarom! campaign ran for four weeks, from 30 January to 24 February, marking the anniversary of the outbreak of war in Ukraine. On the last day of the campaign, Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT), which united four organisations Blue/Yellow, Laisvės TV, 1K fondas and Stiprūs kartu, organised a final support concert. At the end of the event, the total amount donated reached 12.55 million euros. Arvydas Paukštys, the founder and president of Teltonika company group, closed the campaign with a donation of 1.45 million euros, bringing the total raised to 14 million. 


"I am glad that Lithuania is united in helping Ukraine. Each of us has the opportunity to earn more or less money in our lifetime, but helping Ukraine and saving lives is very meaningful and important. Every life saved is priceless in terms of money," A. Paukštys said during the live broadcast in LRT studio.

As the cost of a single radar is around 1 million euros, Lithuania plans to buy 14 such devices for the money raised during the campaign. They will monitor Ukraine's airspace and will help to react more quickly and accurately to enemy attacks by surveying the Ukrainian sky. 


“Radars are tasked with monitoring airspace. These new radars from Israel are unique in that they can detect all types, sizes and speeds of objects moving in the sky. Conventional radars are not designed to track small and low-flying objects. Russian missiles and drones pose a lethal threat to Ukrainian defenders and civilians. These radars will go a long way in preventing Russian death squads,” said Jonas Ohman, founder of Blue/Yellow.

According to the campaign organisers, a single radar has a surveillance coverage of about 50 km and can cover an airspace equivalent to the airspace over Panevėžys, Alytus or cities of similar size. The first training radar has arrived in Lithuania before the end of the Radarom! campaign. It will be used to train Ukrainian military personnel. The radars purchased by Lithuania for the surveillance of Ukrainian airspace are expected to be operational in the next few weeks.

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