TELTONIKA HIGH-TECH HILL: Investing in new talents


April 7, 2021

For many years, Teltonika has been following a clear vision – to provide the best environment for creative and curious talents and open up opportunities for them to learn, create, and develop the Internet of Things. To successfully attain our ambitious goal of having 5000 employees in Lithuania until 2028, we will actively encourage young people’s interest in IoT technologies and inspire them to choose engineering and IT.


A newly established public institution VšĮ “Teltonika High-Tech Hill” will help us implement our plan of discovering new talents. It is certainly not enough to only guarantee high wages. Other effective methods of talent acquisition need to be adopted. And this is what VšĮ “Teltonika High-Tech Hill” is all about. Its purposes are the following:


  • promote cooperation between business and science;
  • together with universities and schools, motivate young people to choose a career in electronics, engineering, or IT;
  • organize student internships and technology classes in schools;
  • conduct seminars and refresher courses for those who want to change their profession or gain new knowledge and skills;
  • award special scholarships to the most motivated students from various Lithuanian regions, towns, and villages;
  • create a favourable environment for new talents to become specialists and provide an extra incentive for their ideas and discoveries to succeed.


In cooperation with universities’ scientific community, we will promote and carry out scientific research and accelerate technological progress. We will allocate resources and form a special team that will go to schools, search for future talents, and encourage students to choose the field of engineering. Besides, we will offer a financial incentive for students from small Lithuanian regions who do not have enough resources to study in big cities. Those first-year students who demonstrate a passionate interest in engineering and wish to contribute to the development of new technologies will be granted a scholarship of €3000 (10 months at €300). And they will have no obligation to work for Teltonika. Over five years, we are planning to allocate a total of €1,5m to 500 students. The scholarships will be divided between several Lithuanian higher education institutions.


Right now, Teltonika is also participating in the initiative “Ateitis – elektronikams!” launched by Kaunas IN agency, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), and Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences (KTK). This initiative aims to introduce school and university students, teachers, lecturers, and other enthusiasts to engineering study programs and engineering job opportunities in Kaunas-based businesses. Teltonika Networks, a Teltonika IoT Group member, invites everybody to learn more about the electronics engineering profession and innovative network devices development. “Electronics engineering is a progressive and promising field deserving more attention than it is currently receiving. As a manufacturer of electronic networking equipment, we seek to strengthen this field, raise its prestige, and show young people its potential. Electronic devices are changing the world. They make our lives more convenient and increase the productivity of businesses. Therefore, the demand for this profession is growing. Our company engineers are working on the entire product development process, from idea proposal to commercial launch. It’s an incredibly exciting work that adds value on a global scale,” – said the CEO of Teltonika Networks, Giedrius Kukauskas. We hope that this initiative will help to double the number of new electronics engineering students in the next two years.

Arvydas Paukštys, the founder and president of the Teltonika company group, believes that “Future success depends only on our today’s actions.”

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