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June 28, 2023

Teltonika B2B Academy in Vilnius and Kaunas invites graduates and final-year students to venture into the exciting and dynamic world of sales. If you haven't found your true calling after graduation – join the B2B Academy, challenge yourself in real business, and gain invaluable knowledge and experience. Enrolment for the new 2023 July and September groups is now open. Register now!


What value will B2B Academy bring to you?

Teltonika B2B Academy is Lithuania’s first business-to-business (B2B) sales academy. Since 2020, the academy has prepared more than 200 successful specialists for the labour market, one third of whom have received job offers from the Teltonika company group.


“My career started at the Teltonika academy, which I graduated from in 2018. The academy courses provided me with invaluable knowledge about the art of sales and IoT technologies. The skills I gained helped me achieve good sales results as soon as I joined Teltonika. As my performance improved, my duties and responsibilities expanded. I started as a sales manager, then I had the opportunity to lead the Southeast Asia branch, and today I am leading a team of more than 60 people,” says Ernestas Varnas, currently leading Teltonika's business development in North America.


The academy’s training programme is entirely free of charge and can be organised in the English language. Participants who sign up for the courses receive full mentoring from experienced Teltonika professionals who share not only their knowledge and best practices but also their positive energy.

“Teltonika B2B Academy offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a technology company, consult with sales experts, learn from interactions with real customers, and take your first steps in the job market.

By the end of 2023, Teltonika will employ 400 sales specialists. Therefore, B2B Academy is an excellent opportunity to ensure a successful start of your career in sales, marketing, or business development and possibly even join the Teltonika team right away,” says Darius Čepulis, Head of B2B and IoT Academies at Teltonika.


What to expect from the training course?

The academy programme has been developed by Teltonika experts based on real business cases and 25 years of experience in the B2B sector. It offers a unique training course full of practical tasks and valuable knowledge that you can apply in your future work or your own business. 

You will learn how to interact in a business environment, build business relationships, negotiate effectively and purposefully, prepare a persuasive speech and presentation, overcome objections, and close deals successfully. This is a perfect chance to experience the world of international business firsthand.

The programme includes:

  • Business communication skills training;
  • Negotiation skills training;
  • Sales techniques;
  • Overcoming client objections training;
  • Presentation and public speaking training;
  • Applying the acquired knowledge in practice;
  • Building contacts with real clients;
  • Drawing up commercial proposals;
  • Conducting market research;
  • etc.

B2B Academy courses are held in groups in Vilnius and Kaunas on convenient schedules to meet participants’ needs.

Teltonika B2B Academy looks forward to receiving your applications!


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