August 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Teltonika has joined the LINPRA association. We are grateful to the LINPRA committee for unanimously approving our company’s membership. 


“We are honoured to have such an innovative and fast-growing company in our ranks,” says LINPRA director Darius Lasionis.

 LINPRA membership is a strategically important step for the whole Teltonika company group. It will help us boost our international expansion. The LINPRA association provides its members with support in the areas of export promotion, competence development, technological transformation, digitisation, and project implementation. It also maintains contacts with public authorities and other relevant structures in Lithuania and Europe. We believe that LINPRA’s wide network of partners will enable us to establish more offices in remote regions all around the world and accelerate the development of new business niches. We are also very glad that, as a member of LINPRA, we will be able to contribute to shaping the Lithuanian engineering and technology industry by creating a new semiconductor chip industry in Lithuania, with several billion euros of investment.

What is LINPRA?

 LINPRA is an independent business organisation, representing the interests of the Lithuanian engineering and technology industry. Currently, the association unites more than 120 members - leading companies operating in the Lithuanian engineering and technology industry ecosystem. LINPRA encourages the sector to keep pace with the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), accelerate national progress, and create added value. The association’s mission is to ensure that companies operate more efficiently and sell more.


More about the organisation: LINPRA

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