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September 6, 2022

Teltonika Networks, a professional network equipment company and part of the Teltonika company group, presents the first 5G devices. The company will offer two new devices to customers, with production starting this autumn. 


The first 5G devices developed by Teltonika Networks are the new RUTX50 router and TRB500 gateway. The new 5G devices can be used on 4G network as well, without waiting for the next generation network to become available. 

"The 5G era is beginning. Our new products will enable faster data speeds than ever before, provide greater reliability and significantly reduce latency. The use cases for 5G products are wide-ranging, as virtually the vast majority of solutions will migrate to 5G in the future, and businesses are preparing for this now. These products also work well in 4G networks, so it is worth choosing 5G equipment now when building network infrastructure. It will help you avoid sudden replacement and high costs in the future, which we have seen during the 3G network shutdown," says Giedrius Kukauskas, CEO of Teltonika Networks. 


Compared to 4G devices, the new RUTX50 router and TRB500 gateway will be far superior, with significantly higher data transfer speeds, wider bandwidth and minimal latency. For example, while some 4G products have a speed of several hundred megabits per second (Mbps), 5G products will have multi-gigabit (Gbps) speed. According to G. Kukauskas, the market interest in 5G products is huge due to their better technical characteristics and new opportunities. 

"5G opens up new opportunities that can only exist when the network operates with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, 5G closes the gap between wired and wireless capabilities – something that 4G was simply unable to accomplish. 5G will create a host of new possibilities in the fields of robotics, virtual and augmented reality and autonomous cars. It will also help to significantly optimise and modernise manufacturing, agriculture, energy and other industries and processes", says G. Kukauskas. 


The company's engineers developed both products in around 1.5 years. It was a resource-intensive process to find out what the market needs and select the right components. The global chip crisis also created an additional challenge of meeting the planned project deadlines. Testing of the devices was carried out in cooperation with other telecommunication companies, Bitė Lietuva and Telia Lietuva. 


“We have set up 5G communication stations dedicated for Teltonika to test the first 5G equipment developed in Lithuania. Similar 5G stations will be installed in other new buildings, laboratories and factories of Teltonika. And while we often hear that private customers highly anticipate 5G connectivity, progressive companies are also waiting for the breakthrough that this best-of-breed technology will bring," says Gintas Butėnas, CEO of Bitė Lietuva, adding that the company's engineers have been working on a commercial 5G network since 2019 and therefore have much experience in this field. 

The first fully operational prototypes of the RUTX50 and TRB500 have now been produced. The serial production of these devices will start this autumn at the Teltonika EMS factory in Vilnius. Then it will be moved to Molėtai, where the opening of the new Teltonika Technology Centre is expected in the coming month. 

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