February 21, 2022

Here, at the Teltonika company group, we seek to educate and encourage young people from different Lithuanian regions to enter the world of new technologies. Thus, on February 18, we signed a cooperation agreement with Klaipėda University. The common goal of Teltonika IoT Group and the University is to develop a close bond between science and business and ensure that education meets the needs of the labour market.

We are ready to help the university identify the demand for certain specialists and skills, arrange internships and job opportunities for students, and review their theses and dissertations. We will also work with the university on joint projects, research and seminars.

“I really appreciate the initiative of Teltonika IoT Group to establish cooperation with Klaipėda University and its willingness to contribute to the education of young specialists. Klaipėda University is a place where future electrical engineering and informatics engineering specialists are studying, and Teltonika is one of the companies that needs such specialists. The contribution of potential employers to the study process and internship opportunities will allow students to learn more about the company and possibly choose it for their future careers,” says Dr. Sonata Mačiulskytė, Vice-Rector for Studies at Klaipėda University.

The demand for technology specialists is rising

According to the data collected by LAMA BPO (the Association of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions for the Organisation of General Admission), the number of high-school graduates is decreasing every year. The number of graduates signing study contracts with higher education institutions this year is around 2% higher than last year. Still, the increase in enrolments in engineering and technology is minimal, and enrolments in computer sciences continue to decline.

Every year, the business sector expects engineering and information technology specialists the most. As these fields of study are crucial to the country’s industrial and economic development, the Government has started to increase the number of funded study places.

How Teltonika contributes?

Seeing the high demand for engineers, the Teltonika company group decided to start a large-scale scholarship programme. Just last year, 100 most motivated first-year students from various Lithuanian universities received 3,000-euro scholarships.

We are pleased that this scholarship programme has already produced the first results. Because of scholarships, there has been a 40% increase in the number of applicants for electronics engineering in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Klaipėda University joins Teltonika’s scholarship programme

Starting this year, applicants to Klaipėda University will also have a chance to apply for the Teltonika scholarship of 3,000 euros. The scholarship initiative will cover the Computer Science and Computer Engineering study programmes.

Julius Purlys, director of the public organization VšĮ “Teltonika High-Tech Hill”, which is a part of the Teltonika company group, shared his thoughts: “We hope that by extending the scholarship programme to higher education institutions in Lithuanian regions and easing the financial burden of young people living there, we will be able to encourage them to pursue knowledge, become interested in the highest technologies, and enrol in engineering studies.”

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