February 10, 2021

THE VISION OF TELTONIKA is to become one of the global leaders providing unique IoT solutions that make people’s lives easier. We are open-minded and ready to establish the best environment for creative, curious and ambitious specialists from Lithuania and the rest of the world who want to contribute towards our mission.


THE VISION OF TELTONIKA is to become one of the global leaders providing unique IoT solutions that make people’s lives easier. We are open-minded and ready to establish the best environment for creative, curious and ambitious specialists from Lithuania and the rest of the world who want to contribute towards our mission.

The most important value of Teltonika company group is not only working but also living to spread kindness and share it with those who need our help the most. We cherish our values by creating synergy inside the company group as well as with our clients and partners. Our continuous growth is the basis of our employees’ well-being. We work responsibly and transparently by honouring our commitments to employees and partners. Our values are built on the culture of mutual trust and respect.


Based on our values and vision, we have laid the foundation of Teltonika High Tech Hill project. The building complex on Liepkalnis hill in Vilnius will become the new home for all the employees of Teltonika company group. This project will not only ensure the best working conditions for every employee but also provide the feeling of home environment associated with mutual trust and respect. To implement this project as soon as possible, we have reached out to 6 highly experienced teams of Lithuanian architects. The challenge for every team was to propose an architectural solution which would not only match the current scenery of Vilnius but also secure favourable environment for our specialists. After thoroughly reviewing all the architects’ submissions, we are happy to conclude that the Teltonika High-Tech Hill project by Remigijus Bimba (AKG company) matches our expectations the most.

The planned project will include as many as 12 new constructions occupying 6.5 ha area. The building complex will symbolize a microchip, the main component of Teltonika high technology devices. Various building with laboratories, offices, academies and production sites will merge with green backyards to form a single common space on current and extended territories. The projected total area with all the establishments will take up 65 000 m2 and provide 2000 new work places and 1000 ones for existing employees. The total investment into this project comprised of both buildings and manufacturing equipment is expected to be over 220 million euros. The projected period of completion is 3-4 years.

Get to know the project vision directly from the architects:


Project environment – nature in the city
The environment of the project is everything that surrounds us as a whole, everything that we encounter, see and feel in everyday life. Forests, fields, lakes, and gardens are what we see most often in nature. Different seasons evoke different feelings. Even though our climate zone limits the warm period of the year, we can incorporate all the elements of nature into one place – an orangery which will create the summer atmosphere to compensate for the cold winter season. Squares, alleys, and parks are the places in the city where we meet, interact, and have fun. City squares are surrounded by the streets full of people where events are hosted. The streets are alleys covered with trees and recreation spots. Parks constitute a closed tranquil area surrounded by buildings and full of ornamental plants.


Urbanism – project planning in the environment
The large complex of buildings near the junction of Liepkalnio and Ditvos streets will be divided into several building volumes based on the ‘microchip’ pattern and will adapt to the current construction. Building groups will be coherently merged with the surroundings creating internal yards which will provide more natural light for the offices. Building facades will be open to the surrounding area and glassed-in as much as possible. The facades will be designed according to the scheme of microchip IC conductors. Each internal yard will be visually enlarged by having one side open. We will attempt to align the building volumes and lay them out in the chess pattern according to the principle of Teltonika logo. In order to arrange the internal offices and rooms in the most rational way, the structure and forms of the building should be static. The architecture of roofs will be expressed in a minimalist, plastic manner. It will help to create a single so-called ‘fifth facade’ of all buildings which will be visible from the planes taking off or landing in the Vilnius International Airport.


Outside – the ‘mosaic’ of buildings and internal yards
The building volumes will be arranged to form internal backyards where various sights of Lithuanian nature, such as a meadow, forest, lake, garden, and park, are planned. A town square is planned to be in the backyard of the main entrance, which is supposed to be more crowded, to host various events. The yards will be located along the longer sides of the building. They would be seen from recreation and leisure rooms as well as office spaces. Every yard will be dedicated to a different activity.
In the meadow zone we expect to arrange the real Lithuanian meadow plants, walking paths, leisure zones, and picnic spots. Employees will be able to have a walk, pluck flowers or herbs, lay down on the grass, and observe the flying planes.
In the forest backyard pine trees will be planted and a basketball court will be built. We also plan to arrange walking paths and recreation zones. Pine trees are the cleanest trees the aroma of which have a therapeutic effect. In the forest one can simply relax and do nothing.
In the lake zone we have planned to create a walking path along the shoreline planted with reed. Employees will be able to swim in the lake, sail a boat, lay on the shore, or go fishing. In winter, the lake can turn into an ice rink.
In the garden backyard we are planning to plant fruit trees and build a greenhouse and summerhouses. The employees will have a possibility to pick fruit and grow vegetables for the internal restaurant by themselves. Teltonika employees will also have a possibility to take care of the garden together.
In the park zone we plan on having ornamental plants and flowers based on the tradition. As opposed to other yards, this zone will be the neatest with the most cherished flora. It will have a strict net of pathways in the form of a rectangle. There will also be a children’s playground belonging to the planned kindergarten.
The backyards will be reached only from the inside of the complex. They will be separated from the outside world by decorative unframed glass structures of 3-4 m height.
The backyard with the square will be designed near the main entrance to the building in accordance with the tradition. The entry direction will be very distinct. The square will have ornamental plants, fountains, and meeting sites. It is projected to host company events and have an exposition of Teltonika devices.
The planes will be flying, landing and taking off right beside the Teltonika High Tech Hill complex, and employees will have an opportunity to watch the planes in the amphitheatre on the roof of the building.


Inside – work, home, leisure
The inside of the building will be designed to provide maximum comfort at work for the employees. We will create the work environment where every employee will feel like home and have the possibility to find what they need for leisure during breaks or after work.
We will create a large close space connecting offices and manufacturing sites surrounded by various sights of nature. It will be divided into several zones dedicated to various activities and leisure.
Meeting rooms and representative offices will be built both in the open space and in close mezzanine rooms. They will visually connect with nature outside the building. An orangery is planned in the centre of the common space.
Conferences and events will be hosted in the amphitheatre. All the employees will be able to watch sports and live concerts.
The planned restaurant will be visually connected with the garden in the backyard. In summer the restaurant can be extended outside in the garden. There will be a greenhouse with fresh vegetables planted specifically for the restaurant dishes. The restaurant zone will also have small separate kitchens were employees will be able to cook food together and communicate.
The orangery will be located in the centre of the joined space on all floors of the building. It will represent the nature as a whole during different times of the year. There will be meeting and communication spots, zones for exotic nature observance, and small ponds with water architecture.
Leisure, napping, and relaxation rooms will be located in the joined space on all the floors. There will be close rooms for meditation, relaxation, book reading, contemplating and simply doing nothing.
The fitness hall will be provided with all the necessary infrastructure, i.e. changing rooms, sanitary facilities and showers. There will also be different saunas, juice bars, salt baths, massage rooms, and relaxation therapy rooms.
The pre-school kindergarten will save time for employees and allow them to communicate with their children during breaks. The children playground will be located in the park backyard.

We invite you to get acquainted with other projects:



Rational structure is chosen for the building ensemble. It is diversified with the help of flexible details and elements of landscape. The buildings are joined by a green backyard. The backyard becomes the representative space with different functions such as recreation, events, and more. Aluminium composite plates are used for facades finishing. Supple details are intentionally arranged in contrast to one another by using different colours. The fifth facade, i.e. some of the roofs, is used for solar panels. There are also maintainable terraces with greenery. Teltonika elements, logos and a QR code with the information about the company are located on the rooftops.

Architect Audrius Ambrasas



• Mountain
• Turns which promote harmony
• A big sitting room for a big family
• Museum of experiences

Architect Andrė Baldišiūtė



The emerging spirit of the Liepkalnis street is based on a firm single construction line on both sides of the road. Although the complexes situated alongside this axis are large and can be distinguished by characteristics of non-structural morphotype, the idea of Liepkalnis spaces organizes the buildings structurally, whereas its different parts create the morphology of the non-urban perimetric construction. The new Teltonika complex, forming a junction area, is being designed with reference to earlier mentioned non-urban perimetric morphotype principles. The streets perimeters are maintained equal and a corner is formed which creates a small square.

Architect Edgaras Neniškis



The project of the new Teltonika headquarters declares the vision and the main values of the company group which include efficiency, flexibility through technological processes, added value for partners and the best environment for the community. The architecture of the building complex emphasizes the performance of Teltonika and enables innovative and efficient creative work and manufacturing processes by automating the connections. It also creates attractive surroundings in internal backyards and represents advanced development of the city. The administrative unit of Teltonika stands for the Teltonika vision, greets all the guests and employees, provides meeting places for discussions and ideas which later become separate design and development tasks.

Architect Vytautas Biekša



The home is associated with a cosy and warm environment. This is a place where we are feeling, relaxed, calmed, safe, and ready to get back again. Most of us are dreaming about a home with a terrace surrounded by nature where everybody is free to take a breath of fresh air and take a walk in the park. Office is a place associated with an inspiration to create, work efficiently, and reach the goals to achieve the maximum results.
Our Teltonika High Tech Hill project concept is the connection between the cosy home environment and efficient office area. We are presenting a place that reflects an innovative work environment. This building complex will let the humans feels like in a cosy village surrounded by nature.

Project authors: Gintaras Čaikauskas Miroslaw Szejnicki Virginija Venckūnienė Faustas Lasys Simonas Čaikauskas Gabrielė Rinkevičiūtė

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